What's New in YoWhatsApp V9.45

YoWhatsApp received a major update the day before - the developers created YoWhatsApp V9.45, a version that not only improves existing features, but also brings many new ones. If you don't know Yo YoWhatsApp V9.45 yet, find out and read with me!

What's New in YoWhatsApp V9.45

New features in YoWhatsApp V9.45

1. Preview photos/videos

In the previous version, viewing a photo/video meant downloading one photo or video at a time. This is very harmful for our phone memory. After user feedback, help the development team choose YoWhatsApp V9.45 features. Viewing photos/videos and downloading photos/videos are separate. Very cool. Even if your phone is running out of memory or you don't want to waste phone memory, you can view all photos/videos and then choose the option you want to download (Download method: three dots - save to location)!

2. Repost events

Now many users like to use status In this update, the exception has also changed. But YoWhatsApp V9.45 has the ability to change the uploaded status. This is because sometimes we have friends who like our status and don't want to delete it, even though we want to change our status. The option to restart events gives us more power

3. Poll and Vote

In previous versions you were not able to start voting or voting in groups But YoWhatsApp V9.45 offers this feature If you have updated to the latest version of YoWhatsApp, please try this poll and vote!

Improved features of YoWhatsApp V9.45

1.Optimized theme stability

2. Optimized Anti-Ban YoWhatsApp V9.45 will be the most stable and secure version of all YoWhatsApp versions.

3. Translation Optimized You can set the language you want Yo YoWhatsApp to translate in YoMods > Universal > Settings.

4. Fixed some previous issues

Click here to YoWhatsApp download latest version from official website.

After reading this, I'm sure you are familiar with the new YoWhatsApp V9.45 like me. YoWhatsApp is a very powerful application. We all find it difficult to behave well!